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Moo’s Law

Moo’s Law is the latest title from successful investor Jim Mellon to help readers understand the investment landscape in cultivated meat. As this is a rapidly growing industry with new companies popping up and new technology being developed each month, we will endeavour to provide regular updates on this page. Check back in to find articles on the most exciting new tech breakthroughs and press releases on the financials of some of the largest companies featured in Moo’s Law™.
Why cultivated meat is about to have its Tesla Roadster moment

Almost everything we consider a great invention is, in fact, a series of great inventions. Take the electric car, which was dreamed up long before the gasoline engine, and had numerous rebirths and deaths throughout the 20th century, with a who’s who…...

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New Age Meats Raises US $2 million Seed Financing to Further Mission to “make safer meat without slaughter”

New Age Meats, the Californian cell-based meat startup specialising in cultivated pork, recently announced that it has raised a $2M Seed extension round led by TechU Ventures. The company has to date raised $5M from 13 investors, according to

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