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Agronomics Limited (LSE: ANIC) is an investment company that is focused on opportunities within the nascent industry of modern foods, which are environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional production of meat and plant-based sources of nutrition

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Latest presentation available for download here:

Agronomics Corporate Presentation 2021

Only recently have viable technologies emerged with the potential to displace animal husbandry. These solutions include the replication, simulation or substitution of animal protein and are driving the formation of an entirely new industry.

Adoption of these technologies is vital to prevent irreversible damage to the natural environment and to address growing concern for animal welfare.

The company will provide shareholders with exposure to a concentrated portfolio of companies in this area. Agronomics is a thematic investment play into a sector that is set to disrupt the $7.3 trillion global meat, poultry and seafood market.

Bill Gates, Sergey Brin (the founder of Google), Richard Branson and many other high profile investors have invested in this sector.

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